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asbestos bats

updated mon 18 apr 05


firedup on fri 15 apr 05

Re: Asbestos bats. I don't know if there is such a thing as asbestos =
bats but it would not surprise me in the least. I would get rid of them =
right away. . Find a recycling centre that deals with hazardous items. =
There is no point in taking any chances with this stuff. I don't want =
to sound alarmist but what is the point in keeping them when we already =
face enough risks with the company we keep.=20


John Kudlacek on sat 16 apr 05

Yes and no to the asbestos bat question. I know of no commercially
produced asbestos bats however I had a student make some once. They were
simply cut out of 1/4" asbestos board called "Transite". They served well
because they were light compared to plaster as well as being absorbent and
durable. This board was at one time used as backing for kilns. Anyway,
when all the scare came out regarding asbestos the individual quit using
these bats. I think the material is "outlawed" nowadays. I was able to
scrounge some that was hidden, awaiting proper disposal, and it now serves
as backing for my Olsen Kiln. What worried me most was cutting the stuff.
I managed somehow and I aint dead yet.
Over the years there has been conflicting information regarding the
hazzards of asbestos and law suits put the main manufacturer, "Johns
Mansville", out of business. To my knowledge, critics have lightened up a
bit on how dangerouos it is.
John Kudlacek

Ditmar on sun 17 apr 05

We have them here in Hawaii. On the endangered species list, the =
asbestos bats are the only ones that can survive in the heat of the lava =
Federal government wants to trap and / or shoot them all though because =
of the cancer risk.=20
Apparently a beaureacrat decided the hair they shed while flying might =
be inhaled.