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new studio space available in utica ny

updated sat 16 apr 05


clifton wood on fri 15 apr 05

Hi, everyone....

here's an article on some new studio space in Utica NY.

the developer is the dad of my soon-to-be studio mate... 3 weeks until
Dulcie's BFA show!

if you're interested, please contact these folks directly...

Jan at 315.334-3829 or Steve at 315.732-7110.



New Art Facilities Opening in Utica

What do all artists want? Well, to start itís a studio to work in of
course. There are two new studio complexes opening in Utica. Local
artists Jan Burke and Steve Miller have renovated two of Uticaís
lesser-known landmark buildings and are opening up their spaces to other
artists. The Grainery, formerly McLoughlin Brothers Feed Mill and
Neptune, formerly Beacon Press, scheduled to open for studio rental this
spring, are bound to be a welcome asset, not only to our community of
artists but also to the revitalization process that the nearly two
hundred year old city of Utica is currently undertaking.

Many artists are restricted in what they can do because they lack access
to good workspace and the necessary tools and equipment to execute their
concepts. Some choose to take periodic classes at colleges and art
centers and others work in their garage, basement, or kitchen, generally
adding a great deal of frustration to their projects. The opening of
these studio complexes will provide an affordable option that will give
local artists the freedom to progress in their work. Just getting out of
the house and away from the phone and other distractions is a major plus
for most artists. Sharing equipment and space also provides artists with
the option of working together on concepts and offers a support network,
which does not exist for the solitary artist. Add these features to
permanent on site gallery space and you have all the efficiencies that
will help the local art community grow and flourish.

Each of Steve and Janís visions developed in parallel until their paths
accidentally crossed this winter. Seizing the opportunity to
collaborate, the two will provide a balanced offering of space and
facilities for local artists, as well as events that will draw public
interest. Each studio will feature a gallery where their tenants and
non-tenant artists will be able to show their work. It takes vision, and
an investment of money and sweat equity, to bring projects like these to
fruition and these two artist-entrepreneurs have given these projects
their all. Their belief in their cause, and the benefits they can share
with their fellow artists and surrounding community, drives them to
overcome any difficulties that may have presented themselves along the
way. Now they are nearly ready to open their studio doors. Neptune on
the West side of Utica focuses on printmaking providing access to a
large etching press as well as private studio and workshop space while
the Grainery, on the East side of the city, is offering open space for
studio work and will soon have a foundry up and running to fulfill all
the needs of the sculpture artist.

Studio/gallery complexes such as these have opened in cities all over
the country and served as springboards for renewal of previously
overlooked urban neighborhoods. Recent studies support the fact (obvious
to any urban dwelling artist) that it is the arts and artists that
provide the necessary upward transition for rundown sections of cities
while these neighborhoods take their first steps toward revitalization.
This is an opportunity not only for these two artists but also for many,
as they open up the gates to a community primed to accept and embrace
visual arts. The Utica-Rome area has proven repeatedly that it supports
and will continue to support the arts. All we, as a community of
artists, have to do is make art available. Eventually both studios plan
to involve young local artists and students in workshops, events and shows.

Grainery Studios is located (in the old McLoughlin Brothers Feed Mill)
at 1122 Kossuth Ave., in East Utica. Over the last forty years or so,
this beautifully rustic building, was used as a warehouse of for
businesses. Grainery Studios will offer open studio spaces and
specialized space for ceramics, wood and metal shops. Steve works in
wood and bronze and a foundry is being built on site, for metal
sculpture and casting work.

Neptune Studio is located in the old Beacon Press building at 505
Roberts St. a few blocks from Munson Williams in West Utica In addition
to having housed a well known printing and bindery facility, this
wonderful old brick building was once a bamboo fishing rod factory.
Specializing in printmaking, Neptune Studio, will be offering private
studio spaces with access to the print studio and open model sessions.
Janís interest is largely two-dimensional art, and uses many non-toxic
plate making, printmaking and cleanup techniques.

Both artists are prepared for these spaces to evolve as the needs and
interests of the artists develop over time. They expect to attract a
variety of artists. In addition there are plans to have once a month
events for art shows. Anyone interested in renting space (or just
wishing to speak to the artists) can call Jan at 334-3829 or Steve at

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