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chrysotile fibers

updated wed 20 apr 05


Edouard Bastarache Inc. on mon 18 apr 05

Hello all,

About the safe use of chrysotile asbestos fibers from Quebec's =
Chrysotile Institute :

While industrial development contributes to the well being of society, =
it has also brought us numerous potentially hazardous products which we =
use daily and which are far more dangerous than chrysotile. In order to =
safely benefit from these products, we introduce standards and develop =
technologies and work methods which constitute what is called controlled =

The controlled-use of chrysotile allows the continued use of chrysotile =
in high-density products, provided permissible exposure limits of 1.0 =
f/cc or below are respected (recommendations of WHO Group of Experts). =
At this exposure limit no health risks are detected.=20

The chrysotile industry created and is now implementing a =
responsible-use programme that is based on the controlled-use approach =
to regulating chrysotile. Representatives of the world's major =
chrysotile exporting mines signed an agreement whereby they committed to =
supply chrysotile fibre only to those companies that demonstrate =
compliance with national health and safety regulations.=20

Canadian chrysotile industry, as well as the governments of Canada and =
Qu=E9bec and the national trade unions, supports the safe-use principle =
- which is a risk assessment / risk management approach - not only for =
chrysotile, but for all minerals and metals. Most substances hold the =
potential to be dangerous if misused. We are using our experience with =
chrysotile as a guide for dealing with those minerals and metals whose =
use needs to be controlled to ensure public and occupational health and =

More to read at=20


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