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updated wed 20 apr 05


primalmommy on mon 18 apr 05

Vince, the reason I glaze outsides first is that I can do it
oh-so-neatly, just to the rim -and then if I want the rim to be the
color of the outside of the bowl, I can dip the rim and set it aside to
wax before doing the inside. If not, I stop just short of the rim and
wax below it.

Mostly, though, it's because my bisque soaks up enough water in the
first dip that if I do the inside first, I often get too thin a glaze
coat on the outside because it is saturated. The inside of the bowl has
gravity on its side and tends tobe thick anyway. I know, I know, I could
wait a few hours for it to dry, but with my attention span I would be
off to something else by then and lose track of what I had planned to
do. It's the same reason I finish all my pots when they are too wet.
Some intimate things in life have a rhythm all their own, and have to
flow from foreplay to denouement without interruption.

Spamathon: I have to giggle about the spate of offers on clayart from
earnest bazillionaires from other countries, along with my clayart bill
and a link to get rid of my virus (and by their typos and bad grammar we
shall know them... )

I can summon an image of Joyce, in a fed-up-with-moderating moment,
(maybe an extra glass of wine to boot), telling her Westie, "Aw, the
hell with it! Let THEM delete all the spam for a change... "

I for one have a enhanced appreciation of all that our moderators wade
through to bring us just the pistachios of clayart wisdom, already
shelled.. I only moderated for a week years ago, and there were cranky
types but no spam-fest..

I can hardly wait to see how many dozen clayarters will post to the list
to say, "Hey! There's a bunch of SPAM on the list! This is annoying and
I won't stand for it!" (as if it were somehow a plot on the part of our
moderator, who has been cut in on a Nigerian fortune and hopes we won't

Joyce, I have you to thank for a great idea. I had the first meeting
tonight of a four-week workshop/class in my studio, some more in-depth
stuff with five of my adult students from the guild. I took advantage of
the situation to spend the last few days reorganizing, streamlining,
spring cleaning my studio, putting up new NCECA posters, and I installed
a floor-to-ceiling stack of shelves (dragged home from somebody's curb,
tied to the roof rack of my van.) I tagged one shelf as the 'adopt a pot
shelf" -- with a little donation jar I made years ago in the form of a
bag of money with wings. Seconds, tired-of-looking-at-thems,
need-to-make-room pots lined up there. My own little "ugly pot spot".

Well, sure enough, my students walked out with their arms loaded, and
donated more than I would have asked at a seconds sale..

Tomorrow we are off to the Georgia Dome for my kid's robotics
internationals.. we're getting emails from teams coming from 20
countries. I'm taking my baby teapot tools and clay for the 12 hour
drive and the long stakeouts by the hotel pool with nothing else to do
but count three heads over and over... So I may be off list for the rest
of the week.

I think I have the potterbarter problem fixed and I hope no more
potterbarter posts show up on clayart, but unless somebody is posting
about the estate of his esteemed royal uncle to be disbursed to my bank
account, I doubt it would put anyone out too badly. Folks, if you are
signing up to join potterbarter, please use your OWN email address! (Not

Kelly in Ohio... brave enough to open the hive today and look for eggs
and larvae to make sure the queen is healthy... but not brave enough to
open the link to Vince's leg pictures. Power tools and flesh.. yeesh.

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