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clayart gallery of forms/glazing methods

updated thu 21 apr 05


Dori Grandstrand on wed 20 apr 05

I recently looked over the Clayart Potters Gallery of Forms -- what beautiful stuff! I was especially impressed by the pitchers/work of Judy Musicant, Roger Graham, and Will Hershey. What impressed me most was the application of their glazes, although the colors were great, too! I'd like to know if they and other members of clayart would post some ideas on glazing methods (knowing the glazes would be nice, too).
My knowledge of glazing is woefully short. Although I've mixed and tested a lot of glazes (C6, elec.), I'd like to take my methods beyond dipping in a single glaze -- my glazes look a little boring, but I can see by the work of artists like Judy Musicant, etc., that it is possible to make glazes really sing!! Ideas, anyone? (Of course, I'd be absolutely delighted to hear from the artists I listed above, too.)
--- Dori Grandstrand