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an invitation to view my clayart & nceca photos - baltimore

updated sat 23 apr 05


Maurice Weitman on fri 22 apr 05


At 10:06 AM -0500 on 4/22/05, Vince Pitelka wrote:
>I appreciate that you have put some images online for us to see, but I
>cannot view them, because it requires that you join and sign in, and I won't
>do that. The last time I did that Ofoto bombarded me with spam. Many other
>people have posted their images at the Kodak website, and yet it is possible
>to view the images without joining and signing in. I'd love to see the
>images, so I would greatly appreciate it if you would change your settings
>so ti is possible to browse the images without having to sign up.

Hello, Vince, and other sufferers of this scourge of "free" web services.

There's a site/service at you all should know
about and use.

They maintain a database of the sites that require us to "register" for access.

Simply type in the name of the site (I typed in and
it gives you a login name and password to use. The only trick it for
you to remember it for next time. Most sites will use cookies to
remember it for you.

My next gripe for these free/cheap photo sites-- you can't get the
full resolution of the picture without paying for it.