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fw: crystalline exhibit and symposium, kansas city

updated sun 24 apr 05


william schran on sat 23 apr 05

I'm forwarding this message from Jesse Hull to all interested individuals.
Thank you, Bill

I would like to announce a very unique event titled
LatticeStructures is a two-part event spotlighting
Crystalline Ceramics, with an Exhibit and Symposium
running cooperatively. The exhibit will be held at
Red Star Studios Ceramics Center in Kansas City.
Opening night is Friday Sept. 2, '05. -The following
artists are represented:

>Bill Boyd (CANADA)
>Diane Creber: (CANADA)
>Peter Ilsley (UNITED KINGDOM)
>Rod and Denise Simair: (CANADA)
>Ted Secombe: (AUSTRALIA),
>Yi-Hyun, Jo: (SOUTH KOREA),

>Bill Campbell
>Ginny Conrow:
>Jerry Davis
>Kris Friedrich:
>Xavier Gonzales
>Ronalee Herrman and Al Stolken
>Don Holloway
>Ilene Mahler:
>William Melstrom:
>Phil Morgan
>Frank Neef:
>Bevan Norkin
>Jon Pacini
>William Schran:
>Fara Shimbo:
>Marsha Silverman:
>George Smyth
>John Tilton:
The Symposium is scheduled for Sept.3rd & 4th (Sat.
and Sun., Labor Day weekend). The venue is located 3
blocks from Red Star Studios' Gallery, and is equipped
with a 50ft. video screen, comfortable seating, and
possesses powerpoint, slide,and live-feed video
-The panel is made up currently by:

1) Diane Creber (Canada), author of "Crystalline
Glazes" (the second edition is available this year).
She has a presentation involving 150+ slides covering
the history and contemporary use of crystalline

2) Peter Ilsley author of the hardback,
"Macro-Crystalline Glazes: The Challenge of Crystals",
and will speaking on the fundamentals of glazing and
firing. He will also be touching on experience he's
gained since the publishing of his book.

3) Kris Freidrich & Paul Geil will be speaking on the
challenges and benefits involved with firing
zinc-silicates in a gas kiln.

4) Jon Pacini is the Clay Manager at Laguna Clay Co.,
California. He will be presenting on issues concerning
clay and glaze interaction.

5) John Tilton (Florida) will cover the trials and
beauty inherent in Matte-crystalline glazing and

6) Dave Bartlett of Bartlett Instruments will provide
info on their computers and KISS software in producing

7) Bill Campbell (Penn.) runs a modern-day pottery and
conducts powerpoint presentations on creating,
selling, and efficiency within ceramics.

8) Steve Lewicki of L&L kilns will speak on modern
electric kiln technology.

9) Jon Singer (Maryland) experiments with
fluorescence, and focuses on glaze crystals other than
Zinc-Silicate. His article on fluorescent glazes is
due out in the May-June issue of Clay Times.

10) Fara Shimbo (Colorado) wrote the book, "Crystal
Glaze: Understanding the Process and Materials". She
is also the creator and moderator of the Crystalline
Web Resource and Crystallier's Forum. She will be
sharing her own insights and then demonstrating on
using gold, silver, and other precious metals as

11) William Schran (VIrginia) wrote the article for
Clay Times (2000): "Crystalline Glazing at Cone 6",
and will be focusing on the methods he uses to produce
work at that temperature.

=46rom a legal standpoint, I have to give the "could
change without notice" disclosure, but the
participants listed are all very excited about the
There will be a full page announcement in the summer
issues of 'Ceramics Monthly', 'Ceramics: Art and
Perception', and possibly 'Fusion:Clay and Glass'
Magazines. A website will be listed there containing
all the information for anyone interested in attending
the symposium.

Symposium participation is limited, and reservations
will be accepted strictly on a first-come,
first-served basis.=DD=DDSale of seats will begin once the
magazine ad hits the stands in late May. At best
guess there will be about 125 seats available (Some of
those will be awarded to students who can apply for
them individually).

I wanted to give the forum a head's up.