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surfing with helen bates - april 26, 2005 - sweden, finland, usa

updated thu 28 apr 05


Helen Bates on tue 26 apr 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 26, 2005 - Sweden, Finland, USA

Eva Hild (Sparsor, Sweden)
Hild writes: > I feel a great freedom in hand-building. It grows
> slowly, I have time to reflect, I can change direction, make
> connections and have a smooth surface with the same thickness.
> I build big forms, the clay will dry slowly and not collapse.
> When the form is ready and the clay is dry, I sand away at the
> surface and then spray it with a slurry of kaolin. The pieces
> are finally fired in stoneware temperature, about 1250 degrees
> (Celcius.)

Meeri Hiltunen (Kauniainen, Finland)
Installations in terracotta and mixed media

Ceramic 2004 (Keramiikka 2004) (Fiskars, Finland)
Click "Press Images" for small pics of the participating artists'
work, or click on the "house" icons to go to the home pages of
those artists who have them. The "CV" links are to PDF files,
with no images.

Merle W. Zirkle (Grinnell, IA, USA)
(Clay sculptor and Professor Emerita of Art of Art at
Grinnell College, Iowa.) (CV)
(Interview and photo of the artist, plus images of her work.)

Dan Schmitt (Eugene, OR, USA)
(Schmitt makes tableware: Place Settings, Serving Pieces, Cups,
Tea Wares, Tiles meant for daily use.)

Judith Ernst (Chapel Hill, NC, USA)
A 2-Dimensional artist who has moved into ceramics, experimenting with
various surface techniques such as carving on a leather-hard surface,
multiple glazing with resist designs, incised slip designs, and
repeating designs in relief both applied and subtracted. She states
that she is beginning to move into more thrown and altered shapes, and
in the future hopes to create more sculptural forms. She has had some
notable successes in her "Repeating Shapes" series.

Kiln God National (2004) (San Angelo, TX, USA)
(Online at Vicki Hardin's site)
The Kiln God National Show is held in conjunction with the National
Ceramics Competition hosted on even-numbered years by Angelo State
University, Chicken Farm Art Center, & San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.
The works of the 2004 winners of the National Ceramics Competition can
be seen here:

Helen Bates
(Belleville, ON, Canada)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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