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response to comment in mail of 5/24/05

updated fri 29 apr 05


Professor B. McBride on thu 28 apr 05

To Kelly Savino in Ohio,
Thanks for the kudos about the Shino exhibition in Baltimore, it was a
piece that I rarely let out of the house, like a child that will never grow up.
I don't know who said that I was in poor health, as I am in good health despite high blood
pressure and all the maladies that go with getting older. Yes I am still making utilitarian pots
that Dave Shaner, Val Cushing, and Francis Senska taught me to do and appreciate. It does
feel good to see an honest response, outside the 'white tower" situation of the university
system, about ones work put out there for the test of appreciation. Thanks.

Professor B. McBride (Mr.)
Ceramics Area Chair
Studio Coordinator
Studio Graduate Adviser
School of Art and Art History
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa, 52242