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teapot spouts not twisting - sagittal

updated mon 2 may 05


purplelama@AOL.COM on sun 1 may 05

Teacher, teacher, I know (don't you see my hand up in the air?). At last, a question I can answer. I haven't touched clay in I don't know how long, so it's fun to be useful in some way - able to answer a question. Unfortunately, I don't remember the email to which you are referring, but in anatomy, the sagittal plane means that you are viewing something as if it were cut in such a way as to get right and left sides. Hope this helps.

in Filthadelphia, PA
my last final is a week from tomorrow. YEAH!
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Carol wrote:
Cindy - what do you mean by "sagitally"? My dictionary defines "sagital"
as "of or relating to the suture uniting the two parietal bones of the
skull". I can't relate this definition to a teapot spout.
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