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2005 leupp kiln conference announcement

updated tue 3 may 05


William Lucius on mon 2 may 05

Tim Wilcox has volunteered to host the 2005 Leupp Kiln Conference. We would
like to see you there!

Announcing the 2005 Leupp Kiln Conference

The 2005 LKC will be held at Homolovi Ruins State Park near Winslow AZ. on
June 18th and 19th. The conference, which began in Old Leupp Arizona in
2003, is a gathering of Archaeo-Potters or people with an interest in
archaeology and ancient and modern ceramic production in the Southwest. The
highlight of the event is a Black-on-White firing supplemented with smaller
firings of various techniques. Sunday will consist of a field trip to what
might possibly be White Mountain Red clay sources a little over an hour
southeast of Winslow near Clay Springs, AZ. There will also be tour of
Chevelon Ruins around noon on Friday June 17th, which will be for early
arrivals. Summer excavations By Charles Adams of U of AZ will be taking

We fire in the old way or what some of you may know as a primitive firing or
pit firing. These are misnomers since how can you call it primitive if we
modern people have trouble reproducing it and not all the firings require a
pit. There are no scheduled lectures but many on hand are more than willing
to teach and answer questions.

Registration is $25 per person and this will include Park entrance,
refreshments and lunch for Saturday and a t-shirt. Participants are
responsible for lodging and/or transportation if you are attending the field
trip on Sunday. We can carpool if necessary. Please send checks or money
orders to the LKC, PO Box 23818 Flagstaff AZ. 86002. Please make checks and
money orders payable to Tim Wilcox. There are many motel listings online so
I will not include any in this announcement.

I have received a few phone calls about the conference from interested
people not on the mailing list so the word must be getting out. If you know
of any other interested people forward this to them or tell them to e-mail
me so that they can bee added to the mailing list.

Here is a schedule for the day on for Friday and Saturday and I figure we
can discuss Sundayís schedule when we fire on Saturday:

Noon Meet at McHood Park also called Clear Creek Ramadas (5
miles southeast of Winslow) to caravan out to Chevelon Ruin. (I will send a
detailed map out later - Please specify in your RSVP if you want to attend
the early bird tour)

8:30 to 9:30 Meet at the park visitorís center for continental
9:30 First B/W fire should be going
10:30 Start loading the kiln
11:00 Start second B/w fire
11:30 Bury the kiln
12:00 Lunch
1-3 Other Oxidation firings including a Yellow Ware coal
4:30 or 5 Dinner
5:30 or 6 Kiln opening

Of course this is merely an outline and there is a lot of waiting for fires
to burn and cool so you should have time throughout the day to explore the
park. I would like to give Karen Bergren, the Park Manager, a head count so
please RSVP by e-mail, within two weeks, to let me know of your intentions
to attend. Please include your t-shirt size.


Thank you.

Tim Wilcox

William A. Lucius, Board President
Institute for Archaeological Ceramic Research
845 Hartford Drive
Boulder, CO 80305