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updated wed 4 may 05


SageWood Pottery on tue 3 may 05

Hello all!

Over the past years that I have been reading up on known and
not-yet-known ceramic artists, I couldn't help but notice that the
majority of them have had some formal education in the Arts of some
sort. I, myself have not had the priviledge of attending college but
want to do so sometime in the near future. It had been a while since
I've been in school, but I'm finally ready to "experience" school and
what it offers. When I was young, I didn't appreciate what a good
education could do for me - now I do and I am very excited at the
prospect of finally going back to school.

My question is - does anyone know of any good schools where you can
major in the studio arts or 3D art in Pennsylvania - preferably
Philadelphia? I'm hoping to move there by either the end of the year
or early next year and would like to know what my options are. If not,
could anyone recommend a line of action to take in furthering my
ceramic education - meaning another major or something to that
effect? I hope I'm making sense. :)~

Thank you all in advance for your help!

SageWood Pottery