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updated sat 7 may 05


Craig Clark on fri 6 may 05

I did the road show thing for about 8 years. Didn't go far and wide
but did experience some pretty formidable weather. While pinning away
for one of those super-fine Sun Domes that cost over a thousand dollars
and which are pretty much the standard for those who really do the
circuit, I made do with an EZ-UP...EZ-Down LOL.
WHile an EZ up is not the best it will work. It kept me dry in many
situations. All I did was make sure that I kept a stick handy when the
rains got a bit heavy and I would push up from beneath the canopy to
prevent excessive pooling that would have compromised the structure. I
also made darn good and sure that the tent was well secured in case of
high winds which I looked upon as more of a threat than water.
I noticed at the last few shows I did that there were a number of
folks, many of whom were more experienced, that had started to use the
"water weights" that were supplied for a fee by the entity that was
conducting the show. The weights are big assed barrels filled with
water. Nothing short of gale force winds is going to move them when they
are sitting on level ground. I believe the fee was about fifty bucks for
the weekend. They came out, set up filled up, secured, and took down the
barrels. Not the most esthetically pleasing but work very well.
Hope this helps
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008