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updated sat 7 may 05


Anne Webb on fri 6 may 05

I missed the original post for this thread so I dont know where the person
initially asking the question was from.

Garden gazebo from any hardware place or large market umbrellas... some
shows will let u use these, but as far as I know, most ask that you use a
white tent/canopy.

EZ ups are a great low-budget choice ..readily available online or at
Cosco/Sams/Walmart etc. but I could sure tell you some stories about easy
ups. I get really nervous when someone sets up beside me who has one as they
can take off like a kite if you get a good gust, especially if unsecured,
and you know what kind of damage that can do to a pottery display. At one
show i was at, I got there the next morning to see 5 or 6 ez ups blown 50
feet away like tumbleweed. Wind was still gusting the next day and one guy,
eventhough he had some weights on it, was doing all he could do to hold his
ezup down. The wind still picked the tent up, with him hanging onto it. Cool
huh? We get some pretty good winds on the gulf! heheh

Lightdome & Jenkins are 2 other manufacturers that I can think of that make
heavier duty tents with a range of features and, of course, a range of
prices as well. Sorry I dont have a number or URL handy.

Shade king makes a tent similar to the Jenkins, only its better priced and
they make a valanced tarp top that sheds water better. This tent is more
economical than the ones made by Lightdome as well. The owner gets kind of
irritated when you mention Jenkins, though, cuz he claims that he was first
on the block and when Jenkins started up, they ripped off his design.
Anyhow, I do have his info: Shade King, 3004 South IH 35 West, Burleson TX
1-800-323-3209. Ask for Fred (sorry i dont think he has a web site)

No matter what tent you get, as Jo said, its important that you secure it to
the ground well. Weights are a good thing, but sometimes not enough. We also
use those corkscrew stakes (for tying out dogs) and strap the tent to these
as well.

Anyhoo.. good luck!

Jo Smith wrote:
>I can only emphasis what Mark has stated and add that you should be
>concerned about your neighbors work also.....are you willing to replace
>what your booth may damage ? If you are going to do outdoor fairs get a
>white ( some shows require white) made for doing shows canopy...Don't
>the weights, dog stakes etc. Good luck....Jo
> > I used to have a e z up,, years ago,, if you are willing to trust your
>display and all your work under a $100 canopie go for it,, just remember
>e-z up
> > -- e-z down ,, they will fill up with water and crush everything
> > them.. also wind is another issue,, street shows , what fun!!!

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