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****tip of the week/tiles/coverings***

updated sun 8 may 05


Frank Colson on sat 7 may 05

COVERINGS is one of the largest most dynamic international expositions in
the country for tiles. More than half a million square feet of
exhibits, representing more than 50 countries and an increasing number of
individual art tile clay artists' studios each year. In addition to
every conceivable glaze and clay color application displayed, were many
applications of sophisticated high tech methods using laser etching and high
pressure water template cutting forms just for a start.

This is my 7th year of attending COVERINGS to , learn, view, and network
with clay professionals on a national and international level that
would otherwise be nearly impossible to do without this converged gathering
in Orlando, Florida, each Spring.

Here are a very small sample of URL's acquired only yesterday: TCA
Information on guidelines for ceramic & glass tile, mosaic and porcelain
tile, and Quarry tile: You can acquire a free handbook and
a CD from this source. ,, ,, (raku tiles up to 18"sq),,, (hand made tiles
for public art commissions), (hand made murals), (handmade
murals to jewelry in porcelain), , (a national organization promoting hand made tiles in
the USA), (custom hand made tiles for
architects and interior designers), (wash basins &
mirrors in addition to tiles), and last but not least: MOTAWI TILE WORKS who organized a fantastic party at the Cafe Tu Tu Tango for
more than 400 hundred of us attending COVERINGS on Thursday evening. Al
drinks and tapas were on the house! Great way to network with clay people
you have just met at their display booths.

To really expand your perception of a world beyond just making a pot,
COVERINGS will be opening again in 2006 ,the week of April 3rd.
There is no charges to attend but you must register (online is Okay), and
get yourself there at You can attend for
only one or two days, as I do, or the whole week. The Italian and Spanish
display area alone, are as large as a football field , which include
their own food service. You can get fresh espresso, or a pasta meal with
wine - no cost! You can see live music and dancing at the
Turkish pavilion, or simply talk to a tech in the industrial display area on
how to acid etch or photo transfer huge murals onto clay surfaces.
This is cutting edge! If you want to GROW, GO! One individual clay tile
artist, received a big commission from a rep out of Armand, Jordan!

Frank Colson