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nan rothwell pitchers workshop in virginia june 25-26

updated tue 10 may 05


Bob Leek on sun 8 may 05

I wanted to share with the Clayart community some good news. Nan
Rothwell will be holding a hands-on throwing workshop on pitchers June
25 & 26, with a chance to focus on multiple aspects of the form.
Participants will make flattened and squared pitchers, plus large
pitchers thrown in two sections. A variety of ways to apply handles
will be presented. The pitcher workshop will take place June 25-26.
Workshop size is limited to seven.

Last summer I attended Nan's Altered Forms workshop, and I learned so
much that I've hardly made anything round since. Nan is a thoroughly
engaging teacher who draws you in and makes learning fun. I highly
recommend this workshop to get you into the adventure of altering forms.
The hilly countryside of Nelson County, VA is awesome. Nan and Carter
are the very best of hosts too.

Nan can be contacted by email at

Bob Leek

Williamsburg, VA

Barbara Rathbun Hood on mon 9 may 05

Hey ya there Bob Leek in's Barbara in Williamsburg, on my
way to see Dennis and borrow some of his ceramic fiber clay......Didn't know
you were on here.... hard to know I'm here, I lurk in the shadows.