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slip-casting classes in nyc?

updated mon 9 may 05


Alyssa Ettinger on sun 8 may 05

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a slip-casting class in NYC or at least within a short
driving distance. Does anyone know of any? (The Craft Student League used to
have them, but they closed down over the winter.)

Mark Pitney on sun 8 may 05

You can go to The Mudpit in williamsburgh Brooklyn, three train stops
out of Manhattan. We teach moldmaking and slipcasting, from soup to nuts. You
can check us out at _www.mudpitnyc.com_ ( If you have
any further questions please feel free to contact me directly. My name is

Mark and Cindy
The Mudpit
228 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY. 11206
_www.mudpitnyc.com_ (