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again, copper! -- kelly's soapbox -- apologies to the group, etc.

updated mon 16 may 05


Steve Slatin on sun 15 may 05

Bill --

Several issues come together here -- yes, it's
well-worked ground. There sometimes new issues,
though, and this last interchange was one (all the
previous writing on the subject dealt with inadvertent
Cu leaching, Lee's idea was to use Cu in the hope that
it would leach and have beneficial effect). The first
post or two Lee made on the subject I let pass.
Eventually, I raised the issue.

And yes, we had some back and forth over it. (I
believe I was more moderate in tone, probably Lee
believes the opposite.) No, I don't argue that Cu is
inherently dangerous in all environments -- I have
lots of copper in my home. But there's a difference
between using it for a water line where it will only
be exposed to water (at close to Ph neutrality) vs.
putting it on fuctional ware, given the prevalence of
acidic foods.

Lee had his say, I had mine, I found his last post a
little annoying but I could tell he at least
understood what my point way, even though he didn't
agree with it. So what? He doesn't have to. (I'm not
proselytizing.) I dropped it because anyone who
followed the thread who was on the fence could read
both sides and make up their own mind (I don't presume
to change Lee's opinions).

I read every post Lee puts up. I may only agree with
a half. Of those I don't agree with I might post a
reply to a twentieth. Rarely do I go beyond a single
reply, and (now we get into Kelly's issues) I suspect
Lee's ego is sufficiently robust to take the
occasional comment. If he were not so strong in his
opinions, I would not reply in the fashion that I do
... a part of civility is recognizing the forum and
the committment of the party with whom you interact.
I've been quite harsh in disagreement with Lee, Vince,
Phil P., Malcolm S. and a few others, because they
passionately believe in what they write about and
invite strong replies. I have a great deal of respect
for all of them as well. I've learned a lot from
them. And I read all of their posts.

In this forum -- as in all others -- I would encourage
people to try to be just a little kinder, and just a
little more considerate of others' feelings than their
interlocutor. If we all do this, the heat will die
down just a little and the civility will increase
through reinforcement.

And if other people don't agree with me, so what?
They don't have to.

Best wishes -- Steve Slatin

--- bill edwards wrote:

> We're right back to square one where some are trying
> to argue points against an already well worked
> subject.

Steve Slatin --

Sera que ela mexe o chocalho ou o chocalho e que mexe com ela

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