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copper goooood! campylobacter baaad! ugh! - or, now...

updated sat 14 may 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 13 may 05

...along which lines of Copper's anti-bacterial dispositions -

Are occasions of old or ancient Copper Mine cave-ins, being excavated in the
present, in which long deceased Miners, or, usually, some parts of them
anyway, includeing Leather Belts and Shoes and areas of Clothing, remain
excellently preseved and even resillient, it seems, according to the
immediatly available concentrations of Copper or it's forms as were in the
actual fractured bits of Rock covering them.

Those parts of such Miners which did not reviece the preseveing attentions
of sufficient concentrations of the Copper, after hundreds or many hundreds
of years, had long since turned to dusts from the occupations of various
microbes or bacteria or as may be, which while not occuring in the MIne
proper, tend to be ambiently ( and in those days, maybe even more ambiently)
present on one's skin and clothings and so on anyway...

el ve