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potter living in belgium needs clay recommendation/help in the uk

updated sun 15 may 05


Ruth Ballou on sat 14 may 05

Hello all,

I've been off clayart for a couple of years, since my relocation to
Belgium. But that's another story...

I'm looking for a porcelain clay to use for handbuilding and throwing.
I thought I had found an acceptable one here in Belgium ---- Harry
Fraser's porcelain being sold through a supplier in Ghent. However,
when Russell Fouts and I went there yesterday, I found that, much to my
distress, they no longer stock it. In the conversation that followed,
they were very surprised to learn that I would be willing to order a
metric ton. Mind you, this conversation is being carried on in French,
none of us native speakers. (I successfully completed a 4 year course
of French in high school 30 years ago, without being able to SAY much
beyond the memorized dialogues. Now that I have lived in Belgium for 2
years, my French has reached the level of a 2 year old. Good thing
Russell was there to help out.)

However, I'm afraid the ordering/shipping process may take a while. I
can take a ferry to the UK next week and pick up some clay to tide me
over. This opens up new possibilities. i've done some web cruising of
various suppliers clays and wonder if UK potters have any thoughts on
porcelain clay bodies, Harry Fraser's and any others. I saw on
Clayman's website an interesting description of Imperial and Superior
porcelains. Any one familiar with these or any others?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ruth Ballou
La Hulpe, Belgium