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surfing with helen bates - may 13, 2005 - usa, slovakia, germany,

updated sun 15 may 05


Helen Bates on fri 13 may 05

Aftican Pottery Lesson

Surfing with Helen Bates - May 13, 2005 - USA, Slovakia, Germany,
Aftican Pottery Lesson

Steven Dark (Pottery Central) (Gulf Shores, AB, USA)
(Sculptor, potter, Gallery owner, and Art Instructor)
"Although I am well-educated in the conceptual aspects of sculptural
clay art, I have always considered myself to be primarily a traditional
vessel maker." (Pots with teeth!)

Donna Nicholas (Edinboro, PA, USA)
(A member of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Artist Association, and
until 1996, a professor at Edinboro State University)
"For most of my studio career, I worked abstractly. [...] During the
‘90’s I revisited Japan, [...] [where m]y focus was collecting the
taped autobiographies of the Japanese women who had broken the ‘men
only’ paradigm in ceramics [...]. This research, plus my reflection on
the many life stories I had heard as an art
professor/mentor/confidante, initiated a strong desire in me to depict
my ideas in a more direct fashion." (Nichol's present work is an
exploration of combining birch and clay elements)

Hana Novotny (Brno, Slovakia [part of the former Czechoslovakia])
(Sculptural work in clay and other media)
(Click "Welcome" when you see it, and click any thumbnail. To return
to the thumbnails, click the large image.)
More work here:

Antje Willer (Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany),%20Saarburg

(Teaches Japanese coil pottery and figural sculpture) (German and English)
(Makes off-beat sculptural forms, Japanese-style porcelain plates and
other highly individualistic porcelain tableware)

Sabine Weber (Germany)
Sabine Weber is one of the artists of the Oberfranken Kulturatlas
website. Text is in German. To see work by other ceramists, click
"Bildende Kunst" then "Künstlersuche" then use the drop-down menu:
"Arbeitsgebiete" and select "Keramik" and finally, click the "Suche
Starten" button. Now click on any "head-and-shoulder" icon for an
internal page on the artist concerned, or on a "globe" icon for an
external website.

Judy Decker (Princeton Online) (African Pottery Lesson) -
(This page is meant to give students inspiration and ideas for Decker's
African Coil Vessel Lesson [hyperlink to lesson.])


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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