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surfing with helen bates - may 14, 2005 - uk, germany, usa

updated mon 16 may 05


Helen Bates on sun 15 may 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - May 14, 2005 - UK, Germany, USA

Alison Gautrey (Cambridge, England, UK)
In a technique inspired by exploring contemporary applications of
industrial techniques, the artist spins porcelain casting slips into
various moulds, resulting in one of a kind translucent egg-shell bowls
which are fired to 1280º celcius, and finished by polishing.

Julian Stair (London, England, UK)
(Image of a few pieces of thrown or hand built work by Stair,
accompanying an article by Emmanuel Cooper)

Jacob van der Beugel (Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria, England, UK)
(Click on teapots image for Jacob Van Der Beugel)
"My work (Elegant tableware and functional vessels] combines the
gestural ideologies of Abstract Expressionism with the seemingly
contradictory austerity of Minimalism. The blackness of the clay
creates a stark initial impression, however, when closely viewed
through its use, the texture of the clay, which is actually roughened
by additional sand, naturalises and mellows its perception. Subtle
traces of throwing marks, spontaneous slip marks and other symbols of
creation are retained."

Salt Gallery [Burford, Oxfordshire, England, UK]
(Ceramics and glass [mainly functional work])

Monika Podzierski (Felsberg, Germany) (German language only)
(Podzierski makes a large range of hand-thrown functional ware with a
modern European esthetic, and also creates replicas of 14th. - 17th.
century pottery.)

Werner Nowkaand and Monika Schödel-Müller (Erlangen, Germany) (German language only)
(Boldly-designed gold and black tableware; bristling sculpture)

Mission Hills Trading Group (Sebastopol, CA, USA)
(Robert Rainwater and Maben Smith run this gallery of hand-crafted
ceramics and glass from international artists. Again the work is
generally European in style and very designerly even when hand-thrown.)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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