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studio disaster

updated tue 17 may 05


Barbara Brown on mon 16 may 05

A couple of weeks ago I noticed termite dust in my wooden bookcase in my =
I went and bought a black metal wire bookcase and this morning went to th=
e studio to unload the old bookcase and move the magazines, pottery. tv a=
nd stereo to the new bookcase. On the bottom 2 shelves where I have 30 y=
ears of Ceramics Monthly magazines in the CM boxes, I was dismayed to fin=
d that the termites had eaten thru the back row of CM boxes and had actua=
lly eaten a lot of the magazines.
My studio is a one car metal garage that we bought second hand about 30 y=
ears ago. We poured a concrete slab, put up the garage and insulated it =
and put up 1/8 inch wood paneling. So the big picture is that some day s=
oon all that wood paneling will have to come down and be replaced with so=
mething else.
So my advice is if you are planning on building a studio, use concrete, m=
etal and plastic.

Barbara Brown
1225 Manzano Way
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089