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surfing with helen bates - may 16, 2005 - uk, usa, germany

updated tue 17 may 05


Helen Bates on mon 16 may 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - May 16, 2005 - UK, USA, Germany

School of Art, Media and Design (University of the West of England)
(Bristol, England, UK)
(The "Get Mugged!" exhibition at the School's Centre for Fine Print

Gary Marck (Marck & Associates) (Toledo, OH)
This company was founded in the mid-1980's to provide products, ceramic
and otherwise, to the decorating industry. (There is a lot of useful
and/or interesting information, such as the FAQ on ceramic "inks" for
inglaze and onglaze use, and much more, such as so-called "California
Proposition 65", and a table on US heavy metals limits.)

Stokesay Ware (Dolls house china) (London, England, UK)
(Recreations in miniature of classic English tableware and other
pottery designs using authentic materials and techniques)

Majolika Karlesruhe (Germany) (English and German)
(This German majolica manufactury employs nearly 30 artists and
designers, besides the skilled employees who execute the designs by
throwing, casting, press moulding, jiggering and so-on.)
Every Wednesday, there is a party lasting from 6 pm until midnight at
the "Cantina Majolika":

Sybille Onnen (Germany) (German)
(Lusty figural sculpture in clay and other materials) (Adult content)
(For further views of the artist's 2003 show, click "LEIDENSCHAFT UND
LUST 2003")

Judy Decker's "Incredible Art Education Resources" ( Princeton, NJ,
(Links to ceramics and pottery websites) (Other art links too)

Karen Michelle Tiles (St. Augustine, FL, USA)
(Tias Com Listings for antique pottery and tiles - 5 pages of Arts &
Crafts Movement Tiles, 3 pages of Animal Tiles, and on, and on...)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Clayarters' Websites:
Surfing with Helen Bates:

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