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gary holt workshop, july 23024, 2005, ithaca, ny

updated thu 19 may 05


Jeremy/Bonnie Hellman on tue 17 may 05

Linda Blossom asked me to post information about the forthcoming workshop at
her studio in Ithaca, NY with Gary Holt. It sounds like another good one!
Contact Linda for more information: at or


July 23 -24, 2005


Gary Holt is a potter who lives and works in California, making his living
from his pottery and tiles. He is a master potter whose work can be seen
at his website Please take a look at it as the pictures on
the front page will say more than I ever could about his work. He has
mastered both shinos and the soluble metals.

Most impressive is Gary's compositional/design abilities. He has been
working more recently with the soluble forms of the metals that we use for
coloring glazes and the work he is making truly deserves to be called works
of art. He will cover the use of solubles in enough detail so that you can
leave with enough information and skills to use these materials in your own
work. Solubles can be used on porcelain, over unfired glazes, with terra
sig, and even in wood firings. Arne Ase, Regis Brodie, Dick Lehman, and
Kurt Wild are some of the people using them today and Gary will discuss
these different methods. You may bring work to decorate - cup, plate,
tiles. It can be porcelain or glaze stoneware.

Gary will also do a session covering shinos. His web page has a beautiful
example of his shino work - he truly is a master of this glaze, producing
gold and beautiful blues as well as the range of shino colors. Based on
the feedback I get from potential participants, we will decide the time and
duration of this session as everyone does not have access to reduction

This is a rare opportunity as few people are well versed in the solubles and
getting Gary out of the studio is not easy.

Please contact Linda at or
with any questions or for more information.