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glazing ^05 earthenware

updated sat 30 sep 06


Joyce Nagata on sun 22 may 05

If you are firing terracotta earthenware and you bisque hot....I bisque to
^03-02 you should find that there is very little absorbtion after glaze firing.
Make shrinkage bars and do absorbtion tests at various cone up the the limits
of the upper reaches of your clay. My work has an absorbtion rate of less
than 3%. You can then safely glaze as you would for higher temp. work. It
will require changing the viscosity of your glaze, mix it up thicker, because it
will be harder to get the glaze on the work. If you are making functional
work this is important however. It also increases the strength of the work as
the clay is denser and depending on the clay flux, virtually eliminates crazing
of the glaze. I run both tin glazed and clear glazed work thru the dishwasher
and microwave with no problems ever for the last 10 years. It does require
testing and like any work that you sell to the public, test, subject to stress
conditions, and retest periodically.

Joyce Mullen on fri 29 sep 06

Joyce, I would like to talk to you about work for a new clay gallery I'm
opening in Floresville (San Antonio), Texas. Please email me your contact
info and I'll email you back. Thank you. Joyce Mullen at The Blue Parrot