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updated sun 29 may 05


Gary Navarre on sat 28 may 05

Hay Crew,
Found a grocery sack of slides and prints I haven't found since before
the meningitis attack sitting right behind me where I left it. Some have
been added to Also found
were shots of Koie's Western Michigan University workshop which need
putting on CD soon. For now this is a good addition along with a better
shot of the bluegreen quartzite rock I wondered about as a glaze material
last year in I'm
wondering if I remake the shot in my PictureIt! web ready at a higher
resolution would it appear sharper? Maybe later, it's all I could do
adding this for now what with slinging dirt, composted manure, mulch,
river rocks, and paver block into people's rides.
I'm really gettin into this selling dirt, it sells itself. Some torn
bags are marked 1/2 off, $.50 for 1 cu.ft. Hell, ya can't dig clean dirt
that cheep. The shovel costs $4.00. And the people are awsome, some real
characters. I even heard one guy driving off with his load yammering to
hie wife something about a "wise ass". Wonder if he meant me? I know I can
be a smart ass and a dumb ass at the same time but it takes a lot to be a
wise ass. Oh well, stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA