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tony's mug

updated tue 7 jun 05


Carole Fox on mon 6 jun 05

I snagged a Sour Cherry Pottery mug at NCECA and brought it home, showing it
off to my family like it was a jewel. Pointing out the indentations on the
side, I told my kids that Tony called them butt cracks (he does!), knowing
I'd get a chuckle out of them.

I am wondering now if I'll ever get a chance to use that mug. My younger
daughter uses it daily and it is always in the dishwasher. I finally asked
her why she always chose that mug for her soymilk - was it because she liked
the butt cracks? Was she a budding shino aficionado? Or was she a little
pottery connoisseur?

"No, mom," she says. "I like it 'cause it's wide and low and it's just the
right shape for dunking your cookies into your milk!"


Carole Fox
Silver Fox Pottery
Elkton, MD