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tony's mugs

updated tue 7 jun 05


mel jacobson on mon 6 jun 05

i have several.
and with that low shape, wide and low..they are perfect
for draining the oil from my three wheeled honda atv.
it just slides right under there.

i have two mugs, so i can switch fast when one is full.
mine do not have butt cracks.
they have natural cracks from riding around in the bucket
i have tied to the three wheeler.
they look ok though.
they have a nice nutmeg glaze on them.
tony calls it:
nutmeg 549, apply thick or thin, fire to cone 4-13 oxy or reduction.
it all looks the same. brown. don't confuse this with his cinnamon glaze.

p.s. helpful hint 2,365.
always use old pots when working on cars, trucks, bikes etc.
you put the spare parts in the pots..nuts in one, washers in the other.
keep fuel for cleaning parts in another. a good use for seconds.
and, in some cases...your number ones.
from mel/