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old quarry tile maker

updated fri 10 jun 05


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on thu 9 jun 05

Turns out the place i bought tile for my new house also used to make Tile.
They had moved to a new facility and left the old place. I had been there
looking around and saw bags of Cullet and Limestone. Any way got permission from
the owner to get some materials,, got 400 lbs of lime stone in 50 Lb bags and
400 Lbs Cullet in 25 lbs bags. Found some other cool stuff also. Finally
unloaded the truck and stacked it in my kiln shed. Cant wait to try the Cullet,
want to try 33 cullet, 33 clay and 33 ash.. Fiquered thats a good started
place. If any one else is using cullet and has some recipes please share. Ill
share the cullet and limestone.I Guess the limestone is calcium Carbonate or

Vince , ill bring some cullet when im there in Sept, Hope Jim wants to try
it.Sure was fun to go to a place like that with permission, the owner also
drove me to the Quarry where they dug clay.. He said they used to have a big
crusher. The kilns where sold a long time ago so I didnt see them but here are
tunnel dryers still stacked with pavers,, The kiln shelves are a clay not
silicon carbide..

The place has been sold to a developer so the place will be leveled..

What fun living in Georgia

Mark on Lookout Mountain