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updated sat 11 jun 05


Gary Navarre on fri 10 jun 05

Well Hay Crew,
Finally got 4 days off in a row from Wal Marts lawn and garden.
Yesterday I slept 10 hours and the day before slept 12. My first
customer last Saturday wanted 15 50lb. bags of White Marble chips and
the last on Tuesday wanted 108 bags of top soil. He only had room for 70
and I only loaded 10. That kid threw them in his pick up like they were
paper towels. I finally managed to lift them over my head.
After I got rested I started getting 5gl. buckets of gravel from a pile
behind Norway's city maintenance garage. Talked with the boss, John, who
said it was, "OK". So I made two trips and got 37. filled in the
drainage area and under where the main firebox will eventually be
located. Rickey found a bunch of smaller rocks he brought in his pickup
and I found a wafe to help: (Hit next
to see him in action).
While mulling over old photos I found some shots of places I worked in
the past: Hank might get a
kick out of one!
Visited the farm and seems Zack found an injured baby crow near
Strawberry Lake in Norway and brought it home. Looks like it might make
it although at first I had my doubts. The next word I'm going to try
teaching it is "sucker".
My Tager is one tough dog. As you recall she recovered from a little
stroke a few weeks ago only to develop an abscess under her jaw. Then
the other night I got home and a deer ran off into the woods just as I
drove up. I wanted to get the last of sunlight to hunt Morels and
grabbed my 6D Mag Lite just in case I lost the light. On one sweep
through the woods next to my cabin I saw a wet smashed down spot and on
closer inspection found a newly born fawn. The mom was the deer that ran
off and must have just got done cleaning it off. The next morning I was
looking out the back window all greatfull I didn't have to get up and
"pop a top" and watched Tager wander around sniffing the ground free
when all of a sudden here comes mumzie deer sneaking up real quiet like
and Tager didn't see or smell her coming. Inside of two breaths she is
beating the crap out of Tager. I almost went through the window but made
it to the door in time to yell her off and tend to my poor hound. Tager
got up and hobbled back to the house OK with no cuts or broken ribs and
layed down on the bed. Still a day and 1/2 later I took her to the vet
for a checkup and meds for ticks and the abscess. Today I pulled the
rest of the quill out from under her jaw. Didn't catch the attack on
film but got the fawn and mom and a few other shots at:
I'm glad the question of bar codes came up. Ya, Wal Mart uses UPC codes
on everything and I think it's something I'm going to need to know. Got
to talking with my department supervisor about some neat Malaysian
glazed flower pots we have and about local craftspeople and why they
don't try to sell to them. She does additional buying for the store, in
the low 6 figures, because she doesn't always like what the main buyers
provide. All a vendor needs to do is fill out the vendor request form,
that proves some legitimacy, and wait for a few weeks for it to be
reviewed. Needless to say if you expect to use duct tape price tags you
won't get very far, or it it the attitude of the initial approach? I
took a look at the first computer I got from my Christmas wreath teacher
and on it is an "Avery DesignPro 2000" program that has all kinds of
information for bar codes. Glad I didn't delete it when I was making
disk space. My boss wants to sell dryed flower materials and since
Teal's isn't buying any product this year I need to have another outlet.
I noticed the bags of Pine cones they carried from China last season
looked like they had been run over with a lawn mower. Mine are nice and
clean and crisp. And I do make a good looking wreath.
Nuf 4 now, got a load of gravel to unload in the morning and breath to
watch tonight, stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA