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all-temperature slips

updated wed 15 jun 05


JOYCE LEE on tue 14 jun 05

Thanks, Carole of D. I am one of Vince's major
fans... yet explain this:

In order to check my thinking on ^10 slips used
with lower cone glazes or pots, I naturally... very
naturally.... grabbed Vince's book which is=20
always nearby when I'm checking Clayart. I
confirmed that I had used a slip Vince lists and
discusses in his book... an all-temperature slip.
I then wrote, but didn't send, a post to the list
stating my experience.... never once mentioning
my ever-trusty source, "CLAY A Studio Handbook"
by Vince Pitelka.

I hear such praise about CLAY from local and
not-so-local ceramic teachers. Do I pass it on?
No. Now, I will. Vince answers all pottery
questions fully and clearly. =20

Fact is that most of my treasured pottery books
are written by clayarters. Except for Robin
Hopper's and the raku potter's one island over
.... very short ferry ride..... from Robin's in
British Columbia..... with those two exceptions
since I don't think either one regularly monitors
Clayart...... ALL of my incredible, amazing
videotapes are created by Clayarters, mostly by
Tony and Sheila.

In the Mojave Desert of California making lots of
pots but determined to resist opportunities to be
in local shows. I think my pots are finally Good
Enough to be offered to those who'd appreciate
them..... and that those who wouldn't want
"that c#@! in my house" would never, ever learn
to care about shino and texture and function ....=20
and copper reds and purples....
and John Britt's oil spots among others; I'm
just beginning to really explore Britt's book but
it, too, is a treasure.