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studio potters: what do you wish someone had told you 20

updated wed 22 jun 05


C.T. Wagoner on tue 21 jun 05

years ago?

24 years later.....

"Don't sell seconds, they will come back to haunt you" (Richard Peeler
did tell me, I just didn't listen)

"Look out for Gerstley Borate, she'll drive you crazy" (Richard Burkett
did tell me, I just didn't listen)

"Get up off the wheel every couple of hours and straighten out your
back" (Found out on my own, the hard way)

"Clay and septic systems don't mix" (Found out on my own, the easy way)

"That part in the movie "Ghost" doeen't work in real life, at least not
for me" (My wife didn't like me messing up her pot)

#1 Stay out of your tiny little studio when the kilns are firing.