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updated sun 26 jun 05


Deborah McDysan on wed 22 jun 05

Hello All,

Can someone tell me which galleries in NYC have emerging artists ceramic
work? I'm interested in seeing contemporary sculptural work. I'm staying in
the Soho Tribeca area. What's going on in Chelsea, claywise?

Deborah McDysan

Marilu Tejero on fri 24 jun 05

I'm doing my homework to map galleries in NY City.
My base will be Russel's list.
By surfing ceramic artists's exhibitions, I'm collecting the galleries. There is a myriad.

Google SOHO 20 Chelsea Galleries and you'll get:

June Kelly Gallery has just call for a women' exhib. for next july
For aussie Leo try
there is no end. Now to sort out just ceramics or close..

Next.... affordable hotels in Manhattan or neighbourhoods... I'll be there for 12 days...any ideas? for affordable lodging?

Thanks.. I"ll share notes on my findings.

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