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questions and answers for nceca 2007

updated sat 25 jun 05


Billie Mitchell on fri 24 jun 05

Some questions and answers that we have been asked about the NCECA gallery.

why only 3 images?
1. Three slides is what NCECA requires.

2. More would be a much bigger job for the judges and us to process.

why apply now?
1. if you want to be considered for the show you must apply now. It will
take much longer to process everyones last minute entries whether digital
images or slides, to get them to the judges. Think of us trying to process
600 slides at the last minute. You are our friends. we don't like deadlines
either. However, if you don't get them in by the deadline, you will NOT be

2. NCECA will assign gallery space according to our needs.. example: how
much wall space. how many pieces are in show.. how big are the pieces.. they
have to consider all options.

We don't know if this show will even be accepted by NCECA,
but please understand that we will do the best we can.

billie mitchell
nan kitchens