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great pots ( with my lecturers head on)

updated mon 27 jun 05


Pat Southwood on sat 25 jun 05


May I compliment you on your choice of pot and potter. I am a big Mike Dodd
You must read his biography.
He has been making stunning pots of immense quiet strengh and sensitivity
for years.
He is a product of a particular generation of British potters that are now
in their 50s - early 60s. A golden time in ceramic education in the U.K. I
am slightly too young, but i would have loved to have been there.
That was a "Good crit". b.t.w. and however awkward you felt using the
language, you did it well.
I left college 6 years ago and really miss a good crit on my work. I took
some of my reed ash glazed pots ( go to -craft
conections) in to show my ex- tutor and -now colleague and was reminded of
how stressful it was for students to be shredded, albeit constructivly .
Anyway, back to the pot, I think the lid is too big, proportionally
speaking. The finial is great, adding a positive termination to the vessel.
Given the glaze, the more opportunities to reveal breaking and pooling the
This is an intelligent and thought through piece of work
Any sort of handle should make you want to pick it up , once a pot has been
picked up you are half way to selling it. Anyway - that's what Takeshi
Yasuda told me, and if it's good enough for him......
(if you are not familiar with his work Google him and drool)
The surface decoration is sublime, providing sufficient differentiation in
surface texture and pattern to add interest to the glaze.
The base is, imho, too wide. It looks too stumpy , a narrower base would
have given a certain visual lift.
If you want to crit my other stuff (feel free) see
and go to pat southwood.________________________
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