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b&w pottery production and electric lathe mpegs…

updated mon 4 jul 05


Sincultura 13 on sun 3 jul 05

While looking for some throwing videos around the net I came across these two sites… The first one has black and white Mpegs of the whole production process (everything from digging the clay to the final product) of a Prague Pottery from the 1920-1940’s. The files take for ever to download with dialup connections but I think they are worth it… #5-7 capture potters throwing. I was amazed by how skillful and economical with their movements they were. Also on #10 I noticed that the pots where glaze while the clay was still soft. You can see a potter fixing the lip of a pot before staking them…

Be sure to check the online catalogue as their designs and glazes are really cool too…

Kerat Ceramics Studios Josef & Petr Stepanek

The second one has information about the modern slip cast process, among which turning on an electric lathe is included… The mpegs are short but interesting, especially for people like me who have never seen an electric lathe at work, how the designs are transferred to the pots, or how fast the slip decorators are able to work these intricate designs…

Linda Clifford Scottish and Irish Merchant



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