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nonprofit galleries and artists...let's not bash the non-profits.

updated sat 2 jul 05


Craig Clark on thu 30 jun 05

Kathi, I have exhibited and sold my work through three different
non-profits. I was treated well and was paid within a month of the sales
by each of them. On the other hand, I have been ripped off by two
different for profit galleries do to the low paid help that they hired
to keep their profit margin up.
I have heard, and can easily document, dozens upon dozens of stories
relating to bad business dealings with for profit galleries. Just
because there is a profit motive does not mean that the artist/craftsman
will necessarily end up on the good side of the deal. Indeed, with the
non-profit that I have sold through for the past ten years there is
generally a commited individual, or individuals, who believe very
strongly in the mission of the non-profit. The one in particular that I
have had the most experience with takes 25% of sales. I do not know of
any for-profit galleries that offer this type of venue. Most of the ones
that I have encountered have been either fifty-fifty or sixty-forty. In
the end it beehoves the artist/craftsman to check out the history of the
Just my two cents
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008