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studio complete

updated sun 3 jul 05


Sheron Roberts on sat 2 jul 05

I enjoyed "visiting" your studio. If only mine
were as neat and tidy. If I showed Clayart=20
mine, I would get a dozen tongue-lashings
about dust and safety. :)
I do hose mine down now and then as it does
have a concrete floor that drains to an infloor
clay trap.
I would like to know where you got your
large quanity glaze material containers from
and if they hold up to 50 lbs of material. I have
been using stacking dog food containers I purchased
from a Tractor Supply Center. They are clummsy
and can collapse if stacked more than two high.

Sheron Roberts in North Carolina, where the big
outdoor thermometer at the bank was registering
101F yesterday and the humidty was so high water
I sprayed on the concrete at 10:30 didn't evaporate
until 4:00 in the afternoon.