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surfing with helen bates - july 1, 2005 - c a n a d a d a y - uk,

updated sun 3 jul 05


Helen Bates on fri 1 jul 05

USA, and Canada too!

Surfing with Helen Bates - July 1, 2005 - C A N A D A D A Y - UK,
USA, and Canada too!

Greetings All,

John Glick remembers the late Bill Pitney (USA)
(photo of Pitney and a couple of pieces of his work)
(Also mentioned on this page: Kawai Kanjiro, the Canadian Ruth Gowdy
McKinley, Myrtle Munro, and Maija Grotell)

Ruth Gowdy McKinley (1931-1981) (Mississauga, Canada):
(Born in Brooklyn, NY, McKinley moved to Canada in 1967.)
(From what I have read elsewhere, she profoundly influenced many
Canadian potters. Unfortunately, she died early.)

Antonia Salmon (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK)
(Ceramic Sculpture - way cool!)
Studied with American born Jim Robison (who now divides his time
between Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and Powys, North Wales, UK)

Edy Nathan "Visions In Clay" (USA, I think)
(Hand made wheel thrown stoneware pottery) (Looks like good stuff, but
shows only part of each piece.)

Hafod Tileries (Dennis Ruabon Limited) (Ruabon, Wales, UK)
(Tile Manufacturer mentioned recently by Linda Ferzoco.

Kevin Crowe (VOA News) (VA, USA)
(Article: "Some Very Old Techniques Used for Modern Pottery")
("Voice of America" Video of Crowe's woodfired kiln) (broadband and
dialup available.)

Artomat (Various states, USA)
(Recently mentioned on Clayart) (Certainly an interesting concept, like
the Orton Cone Box show gone midget.)

That's all for tonight, folks!


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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