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updraft to downdraft, double venturi flue box]

updated thu 30 jun 05


Ben on tue 28 jun 05

Finally got up a few pictures of our kiln rebuild. Glaze firing was great from the firing
perspective. Top ran a little hot when I dampered out to let it catch
up. It went fast. But thats just me learning to manage it, cone 10
pushing 11 easily on 8" of propane. The design issues all worked. This
was a double venturi flue box. 32.5 sq. in. outlet port for 85 cu ft
750k btu kiln, 20 ft chimney. Hit temp easily, no stalling. Definitely
had some glaze application issues. Over reduced in the middle fire.
Firing down brought out too much red in the shinos and shifted the wrong
things heavily to matte. oh well next firing, just part of learning the
kiln. busy throwing for the next kiln. Wish I had more time for the list.
Take care,