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seeking working used kiln for trade in maryland area

updated thu 7 jul 05


Wil Haslup on wed 6 jul 05

Hi all,

I'm seeking a working used kiln in good condition in the Maryland area.
I want to keep it local so I can pick it up since shipping would be
prohibitive. Local means Maryland, PA, Del, Virginia or there abouts.

I'm willing to trade web design and hosting services.

Specifically, I'll be using it in a home studio with single phase
housepower so 240v single phase is probably what I should be getting.
(I'll be installing a dedicated outlet for it when I know what I've got.)

I prefer an octagon/round kiln. I don't have any experience with the
newer programmable control boxes and am perfectly happy with manual
controls. I want a working sitter.

I'd prefer it be rated to cone 8 or higher but can manage with cone 6.

Please respond to me directly at if you've got something
close to my description and are interested in developing a web site for
yourself/your studio.




Wil Haslup


"Not all who wander are lost."
-- J R R Tolkien