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working surfaces for kiddie class

updated thu 7 jul 05


Lili Krakowski on wed 6 jul 05

I have never tried air dried clay, but I do have some suggestions, which I
have used.

Plastic table cloths. They are being reduced in price even at the Dollar
Store. So cheap one can toss them without feeling bad.

PAPER PLATES AND CHEAP PLACE MATS. Restaurant suppliers inter al sell
really cheap paper plates and really cheap paper place mats. These are
fairly resistant to moisture, tossable, and wonderful work surfaces. ( I
test all my slip trailers on paper plates, allow them to dry, scrape slip
back into bucket.)

Plastic trays. These are not so easy to get, but thrift shops do have.
Plain plastic cafeteria type trays. They can be lined with paper, and can
be washed easily--but the joy of them as work surfaces is the rim....things
don't go skedaddling...
Lili Krakowski

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