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updated mon 11 jul 05


Gary Navarre on sun 10 jul 05

Hay Crew,
Back to Wal Mart tomorrow and it's supposed to be hot. It was 95 on my
back porch today and in the 90's the next few. Didn't do much today but
laundry. However the past days off were productive. I did a lot of final
filling in of the foundation and delineated the space for the actual kiln
with aluminum flashing and fill. I had to do it a couple times cause the
metal kept rising up out of the gravel. I eventually had to rely on a
power greater than me and said, "Lord, help me with this." It worked!
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to this go to the signature link for the whole album.

We had a great fireworks display in Norway on the 4th. This year I had
enough film for the Pentax K1000. Put it on "B" stop, focused to
infinity, lense wide open, and held the shutter release till it felt
right. My shutter release cable needs to be replaced so I used my thumb
but I don't think they turned out half bad. See if the slide show works,
some said there was a problem and I've let Fotki know. When I try it the
page disappears into my task bar and I have to click it back, then it
freezes my computer about half way through and I had to hit
Ctrl/Alt/Delete twice to restart. I don't know enough about computers to
know why, however, go to A friend of mine said he used one
for the background of a page on his recovery related web site. Man has
that guy got a story to tell, but this isn't the place for that sort of
thing. Or is it? Enjoy and don't forget, stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA