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updated thu 14 jul 05


Chris Campbell on wed 13 jul 05

Dori asked -

>why haven't you done one for the
last four years, and why wait til next year?

I would say the main cause was burnout.

I ended up feeling like I was just making "stuff" that I
knew would sell. Good stuff but ...
not taking many chances since I needed the
inventory for my wholesale business as well as
my show.

Until I can mount a home show in a new way with
my new work ... no way!

and yes, I still have customers who would gladly
settle for another "old" show.

As to using scent ....

You have to appeal to all the senses ...
but it does not have to be commercial potpourri.
There are lots of natural alternatives.

Simmer a pot of apples with cinammon and vanilla
just before people arrive and let it just sit ( off the heat)
on the counter ..... grate the rind of a fresh orange and
let it sit on an unseen shelf ... microwave some
chocolate chip cookies just before people arrive ...
bring in some fresh pine boughs ... anything for a scent
that does not say ...ummm, dirty socks.

As to blocking off the private parts of the house ...

definitely ... more than once I had someone bring me
a piece of my personal collection from other parts of
the house and ask how much it was.

Last, but not least ... as to the artist's dress ...

For any occasion when you are appearing on behalf
of yourself as an artist keep two things in mind ...

1. People should be able to easily "spot" the artist.
2. It is a costume.

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