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the cart crashes into the studio

updated fri 15 jul 05


clennell on thu 14 jul 05

i got a note from Boa Wayne telling me I ought to have a shopping cart.
Wayne shopping carts are for shopping for groceries. I'd prefer for you to
email me and say you'd like a cup, jug, teapot whatever. I will agonize for
hours picking one for you. The more I like you, the more I respect you, the
longer I will agonize. I would prefer if you and your partner get your
little arses outta Jed country and up to Vermont where you might come to
visit us. Then you can agonize. There will be wine, food and a pillow for
your heads.
Studio sales like craft shows have been overdone and are just another day in
the retail shop with the addition of a cider and a cookie. Wow I can hardly
wait! Our shop is open probably 350 days a year. there are always nice pots
in there so why would our customers set that day on the calendar? David had
live music last year- that's a good way.
We are going to take a page out of CC's book and open our livingroom for
one-off wood fire and our studio line of carbon trap shino mugs, tumblers,
teapots etc will be in our showroom. People love the look of our house and
have fantasied what it looks like inside. they will come in. the woodstove
will be burning -now that's a real smell.
We are going to have the event catered by a local chef and accompanied by
decent wine(not swill). Sheila and I have enough to do with getting the
place ready and making pots without worrying about food.
I believe that if your studio show is not educational in nature with demos
or something, then you have to create an EXPERIENCE other than your
customers can normally have there.
P.S I hope this one lives up to David Woof's celtic knot theory- best to
you David
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario