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surfing with helen bates - july 15, 2005 - canada, usa

updated sun 17 jul 05


Helen Bates on fri 15 jul 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - July 15, 2005 - Canada, USA

Hi All,

My "Surfing" posts may come more slowly for the next while. I'm going
on holiday for a bit, then working on a separate project for a longer
while... I'll send sites when I have the opportunity. :)

Eric Wong Shino Glaze Pottery (Brampton, ON, Canada)
(Functional shino tea bowls and vessel-based sculpture)
Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
(Plenty of ceramic art and pottery here)

The Stancills exhibit (C/O the Artist Potters site) (Baltimore, MD,
(Stancills clay mine exhibit for NCECA 2005)

Stancills Inc. (Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA)
(Just so you know who they are... )

Margaret Boozer (Washington, DC, USA)
(One of the sculptors who exhibited recently with Catherine White, of
the Artist Potters group.) (See url above.) (Boozer makes some
functional ware in either glass or ceramic, but specializes in clay
wall works large and small that are created using the natural actions
of raw clay as it dries. I presume she fixes the clay either in the
kiln or in some other way, but she does not say.)

Laurel Antiques, (ME, USA)
(Good Arts and Crafts era pottery selection with brief descriptions)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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