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appalachian center for craft (schools of the wise)

updated tue 19 jul 05


bill edwards on mon 18 jul 05

It had been a long time since I visted the url for the
ACFC where Vince teaches. I marvel at the students
work and especially loved the Railroad Stoneware. The
students there show a well balanced technical approach
grouped with a strong emotional involvement in their
work. (comes from great teaching and inner desire) I
wanted to start naming names here but that wouldn't be
fair because I would have to include most all of

I would express to any new comers to clayart or those
just getting involved to look at many of our talented
potters sites here and get aquainted with their work,
their personalities and their techniques. Vince showed
in one example where his laminated pieces were still
being made from clay that was 18 years old through the
lamination process. (The process was also given)

Clayart is almost like a college course via electronic
means with the best possible teachers money could ever
buy, even better. You have Ron and John, Mel and Vince
and dozens of super potters with hundreds of years
total experience here. Then we have Dr. Ed and
countless scientists and toxicologists who help in our
research to better our health as we learn all these
processes. I am totally encouraged, a beginning artist
would certainly get a good education by joining
clayart and then as time allowed, meeting some of
these folks and taking some work shops or schooling
from them.

In ending - I didn't see much interest in the recipe
that I planted in here recently for a swap over from
barium to strontium and partial replacement when we
were discussing that issue. (There was apparently more
interest in the health aspect than in the physical
challenge of changing or subbing a material from one
to another?) I have decided it's best that I do more
of the testing but one or two have decided to take the
challenge. I will work with the 2 persons till we have
exhausted out as much as we can using various changes
in chemistry and technique to achieve the end results
that most closely match those desired. In the mean
time, please have lots of fun checking out all these
talented artists and enjoy the free use of clayart.
There's been alot of hard work and countless years of
research put in, and those archives still possess a
huge ammount of facts that are ripe for the picking.
Mel and Acers have done a swell job as well as all the
fill-in's when he is at work or play. Where has
Jonathan Kaplan got off to BTW?

Remember, these schools and teachers are like having a
Harry Pottery moment where magic happens and what
dreams are made of.

Bill Edwards
Edmar Studio and Gallery

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