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entrepreneurial seminar

updated tue 19 jul 05


clennell on mon 18 jul 05

It will come to no surprise to David, Mel and others that the only course i
ever failed in my entire life was Finance 301. I am a Marketing man- a
hustler by trade. I had a business buying and selling antiques at age 19. I
put myself thru university with a Hasselblad doing weddings.
It may be a surprise to some that for many years I taught a course called
Entrepreneurial Seminar which is a fancy name for" So you want to be a small
business owner?"
One of the inherit qualities of small business owners is that they are risk
takers and often enter into business several times, fail and start again. If
you are not willing to take risks then go work for a salary- you'll sleep
well at night.
The day I go into Sheridan and tell the students that this is just a little
vacation for rich kids, I will quit. I must go in and tell them it is
possible because I sincerley believe it is. One of my students that I found
out is lurking on Clayart gave me a bottle of Maker's Mark and didn't go
back for 3 rd year. All she needed was someone to convince her it's
possible. Last I heard she had held a show and sale and invited over 30
established potters to join her. Press galore and a HUGE success! I wonder
what colour her hair is today- flo orange, lime green, purple or a
combination of all three. Go get em' babe!

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario