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to lori leary re nceca '06/alfred

updated sat 23 jul 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 22 jul 05

Hi Lori,
How's your summer going? I just returned last night from my month at Alfred Summer School and it was fabulous. Learned so much, met so many wonderful people...certainly worth a repeat! (OK, there were a few weaknesses here and there, for you moaners, but that's normal)
Now off to work I goes..hopefully!

I would like to know what exactly you had arranged for Portland (place, space, cost etc), because a friend of mine wants to come along as well. I STILL can't find your phone # or email address, so hope this attemps to reach you works. I'd like to hear what you have been doing. Also: maybe I can treat you to lunch?

Need to tell you: My Olympic kiln (gas!) has arrived and while I was gone Carl and a friend overhauled our old animal shed: completely cleaned, painted, beautiful cement floor (level!) etc. I'm ready to move in! Next week we're hooking up the kiln...hopefully not having a blast...I suppose I better get going to make a little kiln devil.

Hope to hear from you!

Marianne (570 226 6888)

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